Network Convergence

Network convergence implies the integration of telecommunication, broadcasting and Internet network services. It allows a variety of providers to use different paths to transmit voice, video signals and data to homes and business.

We work closely with ISP and  provide a range of Internet services that you may not have access to now or from providers which are unreliable, too expensive or don’t deliver the service you expect. We are always keen to establish new relationships with you.

Microsys offers a wide range of Internet and data services and we will work with you to develop proposals to select the most cost effective solution for your needs, whether it is a small fixed Internet network or a satellite based Internet for larger entities requiring higher and stable data speeds.

At Microsys, our solutions feature the latest modem technology. We provide an end-to-end fully Managed Service, which includes 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.